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Performance and Innovation Are the Rewards of Digital Transformation

30 de dezembro de 2021


Doc9 lança Guia Prático de Prompts para ChatGPT no Jurídico: Como Maximizar a Eficiência com a Inteligência Artificial

Para obter os melhores resultados com o ChatGPT no contexto jurídico, siga as dicas importantes do Guia Prático de Prompts da doc9.

28 de maio de 2024

Governo Federal apoia Rio Grande do Sul na emissão 2ª via da Carteira de Identidade Nacional

O mutirão coordenado pelo Governo do RS começou nos abrigos de Porto Alegre. Expedição da segunda via será imediata

20 de maio de 2024

The FBI is breaking into corporate computers to remove malicious code – smart cyber defense or government overreach?

The FBI undertook the operation without consent because of the large number of unprotected systems throughout U.S. networks

26 de abril de 2021

New Mirai Variant and ZHtrap Botnet Malware Emerge in the Wild

Cybersecurity researchers on Monday disclosed a new wave of ongoing attacks exploiting multiple vulnerabilities to deploy Mirai variants on compromised systems

16 de março de 2021

Facial recognition for travel and onboarding top this week’s biometrics and digital ID news

A blog post from APEX checks in on the attitudes of people in Asia to facial recognition in airports, and finds that despite some critical voices.

19 de agosto de 2019

Symantec Connects 40 Cyber Attacks to CIA Hacking Tools Exposed by Wikileaks

Artigos em outros idiomas são publicados em International News | Articles in other languages are published in the International News

10 de abril de 2017

Tim Berners-Lee: I invented the web. Here are three things we need to change to save it

Artigos em outros idiomas são publicados em International News | Articles in other languages are published in the International News .

17 de março de 2017

Beyond the critical question of how to deliver a successful digital transformation, there are three other questions we hear a lot

By Patrick ForthRomain de LaubierSaibal Chakraborty, Tauseef Charanya, and Matteo Magagnoli

A successful transformation leads to increased profitability and strategic advances, as our latest survey shows. But not enough companies are getting it right.

Beyond the critical question of how to deliver a successful digital transformation, there are three other questions we hear a lot. How are companies in my sector doing? Is there any proof that transformations deliver real results? And where are leaders focusing their transformation programs? New BCG research provides some answers.

Company Success

Data from our 2021 research, involving more than 850 companies worldwide, shows that only 35% of companies achieve their digital transformation objectives, up slightly from 30% in 2020.


The modest increase may reflect an “experience effect” as knowledge disseminates about the six success factors we described in our 2020 study—factors which, taken together, flip the odds for transformation success from 30% to 80%.1 

But modest improvement in a few factors is not enough; our research has shown that companies need to be scoring 8 or higher on all six factors to show real results.

We’ve segmented the research by sector—to see how companies perform on the digital transformation priorities in your sector, select your industry below.

Real Results

The bottom line on digital transformations is that they generate clear and significant financial impact. On average, companies that addressed the six success factors reported a 21% EBIT increase in the businesses within the scope of the transformation compared with only a 10% increase on average for those companies that did not. (See the exhibit, “Win-Zone Companies Generate Higher EBIT Improvement by a Significant Margin, Regardless of Level of Investment.”)


The performance uplift was largely independent of the transformation focus, indicating that companies are doing a good job on one of the key components of an integrated strategy: focusing transformation programs on where they can drive most value.

And while there appears to be a minimum threshold of investment for a digital transformation to succeed, our research has found that success is not characterized by the amount spent on the transformation but rather by comprehensively addressing the six key success factors.

Companies that have been successful in the first wave of a digital transformation report much greater success in scaling those capabilities to create broader, sustainable change.

“Win zone” companies—those where the transformation’s target value was met or exceeded and sustainable change created—on average report a 1.5 times greater achieved success in scaling digital capabilities across the entire organization compared with companies in the “woe zone,” which achieved less than half of their target value and created no sustainable change.

This is a huge advantage—as many executives tell us, it’s one thing to deliver a “point-solution success” but quite another to drive the adoption of new technologies and ways of working at scale across divisions and regions.

Leaders’ Focus

For companies that have already scaled an initial wave of transformation initiatives, the emphasis is clearly shifting from digital reengineering to innovation. (See the exhibit, “Companies Shift from Reengineering to Innovation as They Successfully Scale Their First Wave of Digital Transformation.”).

These companies used the first wave of digital transformation to address the all-important basics of their core businesses, digitally reengineering customer journeys as well as sales and marketing channels and using digital solutions to improve productivity.

Now, companies that have successfully scaled their transformations are shifting their focus to innovation—both in the core and with new ventures.

Successful digital transformers are upping the ante, and as they leverage their digital skills to innovate faster and better, the gap will widen between winning digital transformers and their laggard competitors.


Source: BCG

Cloudflare blocks an almost 2 Tbps multi-vector DDoS attack

How does digital authentication work? And how can you implement it securely in your organization?

Hackers Exploiting New Auth Bypass Bug Affecting Millions of Arcadyan Routers


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