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How To Encrypt Your Internet Traffic 2020 Guide

3 de junho de 2020


Philip R. Zimmermann apresenta o 3º episódio AET Security Topics: Quantum Key Distribution

Philip R. Zimmermann, um dos maiores criptógrafos, apresenta uma nova webserie. Não perca o 1º episódio! Com legenda em português!

15 de setembro de 2021

NSA publica atualização sobre criptografia resistente a quantum

A NSA publicou o FAQ “Quantum Computing and Post-Quantum Cryptography. Confira nesse artigo!

3 de setembro de 2021

A condição paradoxal do hacktivismo

O início dos anos 2000 foi marcado pela formação do movimento Anonymous e por ataques relevantes, classificados como hacktivistas.

1 de setembro de 2021

CertForum 2021: Fórum Mundial de Assinatura Digital

Como parte integrante do CertForum, será realizado o Fórum Mundial de Assinatura Digital, com o objetivo de ampliar o debate do uso da assinatura digital.

1 de setembro de 2021

CertForum 21: evento on-line para quem quer saber tudo sobre identificação digital e documentos eletrônicos

O CertForum é realizado pelo Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia da Informação (ITI) e organizado pela Associação Brasileira das Empresas de Tecnologia em Identificação Digital (ABRID).

31 de agosto de 2021

Death & Digital Identities

In the not so distant future, Jane Doe has several

1 de junho de 2020

There are numerous reasons why a user would want to encrypt their internet traffic, keep up with the 2020 guide

A user might simply want to hide their browsing tracks on the web; others might want to ensure their personal information remains safe from hackers. Still others might want to keep their online activities hidden from ad tracking networks, the government or even their own Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Whatever the reason you want to keep your internet traffic encrypted and safe from observation by third parties, you’ll be glad to know that it’s easy to keep your online activities under wraps. By making use of a few handy and easy-to-obtain virtual tools, users can encrypt their internet traffic.

Many of the steps users can take to protect themselves from being tracked online are free, while others will cost you a few bucks, although you’ll find the return on investment more than justifies any financial outlay involved.

Why Should You Encrypt Your Internet Traffic?

Encryption is all about keeping your online activities and its accompanying personal and business-related information safe from the eyes of third parties, who would just love to be able to observe your online antics, as well as steal your login, banking, credit card and other personal information, which would allow them to steal you blind.

In addition to the bad guys, you’re faced with government agencies around the world, most of which are decidedly anti-privacy and looking to track your activities on the internet.

As if that wasn’t enough, Internet Service Providers in the United States are now allowed to sell their customers’ browsing habits to advertisers so they can deliver better-targeted advertising to your browser.

All of this adds up to a whole lot of folks looking to keep track of your travel itinerary when you hit the information superhighway. Luckily, it’s possible to keep those intrusive individuals off your back.

In this article, we’ll discuss the various methods you can use to encrypt your internet connection, keeping your activities and information safe and sound. We’ll also take a look at some lava lamps, which, believe it or not, are actually being used to encrypt around 10% of all internet traffic.

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Source: Pixel Privacy

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